Stress Relief and Self Care Tools And Resources For Carers and Caregivers Of Loved Ones


How To Be Happy In Your Life!

Would you like to have in your toolbox a few ways to learn how to be happy in your life through making some simple changes that will help you create more happiness for yourself? I realise if you are in a bit of a rut and feeling quite unhappy with circumstances that you can’t change […]

The Dark Side To Facebook

I have a one track mind today which is largely due to me thinking about the dark side to Facebook. I have noticed since I started writing this article, that I am not the only one, after seeing the posts of quite a few people with similar feelings. These thoughts have been sparked by a […]

How Is The News Bad For You?

There is one thought I’d like you to consider very seriously. How is the news bad for you? I think many people would see it as an important part of life and would disagree with someone saying that the news might not necessarily be good for you. I want to tell you why I stopped […]

I Need A Hero

Visiting YouTube the other day searching for something completely different, the words “I need a hero” boomed out at me as I came across an old song that had started playing on a playlist that I had inadvertently opened. These words just happened to strike a chord with me in that moment in time. I hadn’t […]

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