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About Ange

Enjoying a river cruise for a much needed day of respite

Enjoying a river cruise for a much needed day of respite

Hello, I’m Ange.  

I live on the Gold Coast in Sunny Queensland, Australia. I am a mother and a young grandmother and ever since my daughter, at 3 and 3/4 years old, developed childhood Leukaemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (aka ALL) to be precise, we embarked on the most chaotic journey I never expected to be travelling in my younger years. 

Some Education and Interests That Are Dear To My Heart

A little background on myself wouldn’t go astray at this point. I studied a post-graduate diploma in secondary education teaching Science, Biology and HPE (Health and Physical Education). I am a Bachelor of Health Science, have partially completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, and I am a Reiki, Vitaflex and Raindrop Practitioner. I love my therapeutic grade essential oils and I am trying to keep my home and environment as chemical free as possible. Considering the twist our lives took I also have a deep passion for finding modalities to work with in emotional healing, a direction I intend to pursue further, and another reason I am here.

I Have A Belief in Self Help and Have a Passion To Write About It

I might add that I am currently developing and writing two books, one reflects our journey, and the other is a self-help book to help people find out who they really are and to know that they are unique individuals who are much larger than life than they might think they are. There is always a flip side of the coin and I guess this was mine. It was only because of my daughter’s illness and my desire for answers that I ever studied health, natural options for wellness, and went down the path of emotional healing. I am able to find the positives in the difficulties we have faced and I hope you can too.

My Life As A Carer

I am a carer, or caregiver as some people call it, for my daughter who now, as an adult, continues to battle the long term effects of chemo-induced brain damage, which has led to a new diagnosis of Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) among other side effects. I have had to watch her decline through a slow progression towards Complex PTSD otherwise known as Developmental Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which severely impacts on her everyday life. Into the mix, I also look after my granddaughter and my elderly mother. I have a sister who suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome complicated by Fibro Myalgia who I try to help during episodes as much as I am able to with herself and my niece who is on the autism spectrum.

Why Am I Here?

I’m looking forward to imparting what I have learned, how I’ve coped, what help I had, what insights I have gained, any tools and resources I have and will come across, and to add a touch of creative flair as well. This I hope will help many of you on your journey. If you can even just take baby steps to walk a little lighter and lift the weight off your shoulders, I would love to help you. I believe that we all have that ability to take steps, even small ones, to change our lives for the better. I also believe that the information found on this website may be of some value to the people you care for and anyone else who just happens to be looking for ways to make their lives that little bit better each day.

Thanks for reading and I am very excited to be here.


My daughter and I on her 4th Birthday just 2.5 months into chemotherapy

My daughter and I on her 4th Birthday just 2.5 months into chemotherapy


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