Stress Relief and Self Care Tools And Resources For Carers and Caregivers Of Loved Ones

Coloring Apps For Adults – Free

I recently came across some free coloring apps for adults for smart phones. Since I’ve already written a blog on coloring and its benefits to adults for stress relief, I wanted to let you know you can now find coloring in ‘to go’ in a handy portable method, accessible right there on your smart phone. […]

How To Relax Kids


How to relax kids in today’s world is becoming more and more elusive and difficult due to children being exposed to higher incidences of stressful situations in everyday life.   Relax Kids – The Wishing Star   Marneta Viegas wrote a book called The Wishing Star, now part of a series known as ‘Relax Kids’, […]

Review – The Wishing Star – Marneta Viegas – How To Relax Kids

relax kids, the wishing star

Knowing how to relax kids in today’s society has become quite crucial to their ability to cope. I highly recommend the book The Wishing Star written by Marneta Viegas. It has 52 meditations that use visualisation and imagination to help teach children skills to find relaxation in their often times hectic worlds. It is my […]

Stop The Complaining To See What Happens!

Have you ever heard of the concept where you stop the complaining to just take a break and see what happens? We all do it. We all complain. I know I am as guilty as the next person for doing it. In fact I think it is so ingrained into human behaviour that it seems […]

What Is A Gratitude Journal For?

I’ve heard a lot about it, but what is a gratitude journal for anyway?  What’s all the fuss about and should you start one? There is a trend with the world currently that explores how using gratitude can enhance one’s life. This idea is being used in many areas of the self-help realm and psychology […]

What Is Mindfulness For?

Miracle Mindfulness - Straightens a stiff neck

  What is mindfulness for, did I hear you ask? I’m glad you did. You have perhaps heard about it, but have been wondering what it actually is. Do you suffer from over-thinkingitis? Are you unable to quiet your mind enough to even lapse into sleep, let alone a peaceful one? Can I recommend a […]

What Subliminal mp3s To Buy

music heals the soul

With so many people looking for ways to enhance their lives, many are turning to subliminal messages. What subliminal mp3s to buy then becomes the next question.   Needle In A Haystack   Finding those that work may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s important to look at both the benefits […]

Carer Or What? A Doormat?

Are you a Carer or what, a doormat perhaps? I know I was feeling more like a doormat than what I thought I should be feeling as a Carer. Being taken for granted was a continuous struggle, and I wasn’t particularly happy about it. Therefore I am suggesting that you look at your own situation […]

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