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Review – The Wishing Star – Marneta Viegas – How To Relax Kids

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Relax Kids – The Wishing Star

Knowing how to relax kids in today’s society has become quite crucial to their ability to cope. I highly recommend the book The Wishing Star written by Marneta Viegas. It has 52 meditations that use visualisation and imagination to help teach children skills to find relaxation in their often times hectic worlds. It is my ‘go to’ resource when my own granddaughter needs a little bit of help in the relaxation department and I’d like to share my review of it with you.


Modern Kids Need Our Help


Have you noticed that children today do not seem to be able to handle the stress of growing up in the modern world as well as the generation before them, or even the one before that? I believe it is because we, as their parents or grandparents in some cases, have more going on in our own lives, and are not there for them in the ways that might be needed. Which means that our children and our children’s children, are struggling with issues and are doing it alone. Once upon a time, we could do more for them. They could be kids, whereas now it seems that they are having to grow up early. Their imagination is stunted and they become stressed easily. We can help them by teaching them how to relax, or at least giving them a head start.


5 Minute Fun


The stories only take about 5 minutes and can be read at night before bed or during the day for a bit of down time. I like to add on bits at the end and get my granddaughter to continue on with the visualisation if she would like to, taking her imagination one step further. This may add time on, but to be honest, I get a kick out of listening to her, or joining in with her story. At night, I omit reading out the words that tell the child to open their eyes. I read the stories in as soothing and musical voice as i am able to, and at a relatively slow pace to help maintain the area in as tranquil an environment as possible.


Title: Relax Kids – The Wishing Star

Author: Marneta Viegas

ISBN10 & 13: 1782798706 & 9781782798705

Price: Prices vary but in general you can find the book priced around $11.00 US


The Benefits


  • Takes very little time to read
  • Enables child to use imagination
  • Teaches visualisation at an early age
  • Promotes creativity
  • Early meditation skills
  • Enables mind to be stilled
  • Curbs over-stimulation
  • Encourages parent /carer bond
  • Quality time together for parent and child
  • Teaches children to relax their body and mind at will
  • Takes the child on an adventure
  • Expands and Explores a child’s inner world
  • Reduces nightmares due to calm thoughts and feelings of security at bedtime
  • Helps children cope better with stresses
  • Forces parental relaxation alongside child, thus reducing household stressful energies
  • Helps improve concentration of children if read in classroom situation
  • Teachers can enjoy some peaceful moments in class if children are calm
  • Affirmations are included at the end of each story so parents can cement what the meditation was addressing
  • Enchanting titles such as Magic Wardrobe, Magician’s Wand, Into Space, Peaceful Cave, Invisibility Cloak, Butterfly and Robot.
  • Colourful illustrations
  • Simply written
  • Valuable life lesson in meditation for all children, not only those who are anxious.

Any Negatives?


For myself, the only negative is that sometimes I have to do a quick mindfulness exercise with my granddaughter prior to starting if she is particularly restless. After reading many reviews, the majority gave this book a rating of 5 stars out of 5, myself included. Those that gave it less offered up nothing of true value in determining any genuine negatives. None of these more negative reviews I found gave less than 3 stars, so that is a really good indication that nearly everyone who bought this book are happy with their purchase.


What About Purchasing Options and Experiences?


I have purchased quite a few books through this company, so I can attest to the high quality service, and the speed and efficiency of them. Their products are always well packaged, clean, and delivered in good time. They offer free delivery nearly anywhere in the world, and the website is safe and secure. There are a variety of payment options including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and several others, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Unless they do not have the particular book I seek, which is very rare, they are the company I use for all of my book purchases and I highly recommend using them.


If you find yourself wishing you knew how to relax kids, The wishing Star by Marneta Viegas is one I would suggest you look into.

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