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What Subliminal mp3s To Buy

music heals the soul, What subliminal mp3s to buy

Relaxation, Stress, Emotional Strain. Help is here in the form of music

With so many people looking for ways to enhance their lives, many are turning to subliminal messages. What subliminal mp3s to buy then becomes the next question.


Needle In A Haystack


Finding those that work may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s important to look at both the benefits and the flaws of a particular product before you decide to buy it. This review covers both aspects to help you in your decision.


The Votes On Subliminal Messages Are In!


Once upon a time, subliminal CDs were a thing of science fiction or thought to be a tool to turn people into puppets. Now self help circles are utilising subliminal messages to help people overcome fears and addictions, to lose weight, to improve their confidence, to attract better things into their lives.

There is a whole plethora of subliminal audios available for people to choose from and target specific areas of their lives that they would like to work on. I use them myself, for stress relief and personal development, something I highly recommend everybody work on in themselves as a daily plan.


Where Can I Find A Respected Source Of Subliminal Audios?



Reprogram your mind with subliminal mp3s
What Subliminal mp3s To Buy

Product: Subliminal Audio mp3 Downloads


Company: Subliminal Guru


Website: Claim to be the largest subliminal superstore on the internet


Price: Start at $16.95 for single album audio topic, but has 6 listening options, including a brainwave layer, and there is also a voice version so you can hear the spoken words. If you purchase more than one, the prices are reduced. Bundles of 4 albums are available for around $36.95 and prices reduce with multiple purchases.


Rating: 10/10


Recommended: Highly recommended


Product Merits:


  • You can download 2 audios for free to try them
  • Works on the subconscious mind by reprogramming it with positive affirmations, thousands of them in one audio, helps to rewire old patterns of thinking, those that are less helpful to you and get in your way of achievement. Your subconscious mind is always awake and receptive
  • Works behind the scenes with no effort on your part except to make the decision to listen and to press play.
  • We all know we can be conditioned, this is a simple way to re-condition our destructive thought patterns
  • It is a concept proven to work by science
  • Can use it to bring about a healthful and abundant existence, remove addictions and disease forming bad habits, help with self confidence, even social improvements can be worked on
  • The company are always looking for other ideas and issues to help people address, you can even make suggestions for audios to be made
  • Not expensive
  • Supports you in your desire to bring about change in your life
  • Can go about your business while playing them in the background, can listen in the car, at the gym, at work or while sleeping
  • Fast subconscious response, usually within 2 weeks
  • Subconscious mind hears the whispers, but the conscious mind doesn’t, except on the odd occasion, but it discards it.
  • 4 techniques used in each recording, whisper method, stereo confusion, lightning technique and reverse speech, with some NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to to enhance the effectiveness of the product
  • Huge range of ‘help’ topics or targeted issues audios
  • Hand created by qualified professionals
  • Guaranteed results (or your money back)
  • Can buy single albums with 7 playback options
  • Can buy a bundle to target specific problems
  • Prices reduce the more you buy together
  • Listen anywhere, relax and imagine you are here

    Listen anywhere, relax and imagine you are here

    Easy listening, relaxing, brings about positive mindset because the affirmations are all positive

  • No concentration required
  • Can actively listen, by sitting down and purposefully relaxing
  • Can passively listen, by having it playing in the background
  • Can create your own custom album
  • Can be burnt onto a CD for use in a car or CD player
  • Headphones are not necessary
  • Everyone is susceptible to subliminal messages, therefore these will work for you
  • Lifetime support
  • Click and play
  • It is possible to listen to more than one album at a time and still take it all in
  • Produced by leading authorities in the field of subliminal messages
  • Previews of each track are available to listen to
  • Regular specials, for example, an album for $2 for a limited time
  • Detailed information page for each track with examples of the kind of affirmations on each one, and also a sample to listen to.
  • 10 minutes a day is all you need

Product Drawbacks:


  • Contact by email or mail only, does not appear to have a phone support option
  • Brainwave entrainment option requires you to not be driving, may put you to sleep, but it also could be a benefit if that is what you are needing
  • Requires access to a power source and music playing device
  • Only available in English currently, need to know at least a little English to reap the benefits.
  • Results for things like weight loss will still take time and it would be difficult to measure if the audios are working until the results are seen on the bathroom scales


What’s Included:


  • 1 Album containing 6 x 10 minute mp3 audio files in different music styles for one targeted topic. Styles are; Brown noise, Stream, rainfall, acoustic, relaxation or workout.
  • Brainwave versions of each of the music styles, which is for deeper training layers
  • 1 Bonus 10 minute mp3 audio containing the audible spoken affirmations and subliminals
  • Full instructions on how to get started, a listening guide and info on lifetime support
  • 2 hours and 20 minutes playing time per album, but note, you only need to play it for 10 minutes, just choose the version that suits, or play on repeat.
  • Total of 14 mp3s.


Delivery: Instant download


Guarantee: 100% 14 day full money back guarantee for up to 5 albums per year (with the exception of custom made audios). 2 free audios are offered as a trial.


Range: Around 350 albums to choose from, targeting;

  • personal development
  • weight loss
  • success
  • abundance
  • law of attraction
  • Music Talks, What_subliminal_mp3s_to_buy

    Music Talks!


  • fear and phobias
  • financial success
  • sleep, relaxation, inner peace,
  • mental skills
  • emotions
  • enhancement of recreational activities
  • empowerment
  • social skills
  • bad habits
  • health and well being
  • sexuality, love, marriage
  • parenting
  • music and the arts
  • and these are just a few


Product Description: Exactly describes the product.


Product Satisfaction: Very satisfied with all aspects of the purchasing process, the instant delivery of the product, and the exceptional quality of the audios. Very impressive!


subliminal CDs

Subliminal CDs – The new tool for self help

Payment Options: Mastercard, Visa, Diner’s Club, PayPal


FAQs: Yes, easily accessible and detailed.


Website Navigation: Very easy to find your way around.The site even automatically directs you to FAQ section of your inquiry.


Safe Shopping: Yes, secure trust guard certificates. Privacy is protected.


Should You Buy This Product?


I hope you have found your answers here as to what subliminal mp3s to buy, and are satisfied that they work. If you are happy with what you have read here, then certainly you should buy this product. I use them and recommend them for stress and to enhance my own personal development. I find it very hard to settle at night at the best of times and I find that these subliminal audios do a great job in helping to still my mind. I also am happy to be nourishing my mind at the same time in terms.


Benefits Outweigh The Doubt


It can only be a good outcome in my opinion. I already feel much more clarity and focus, I have more resilience and endurance, and have a lot more energy to deal with the everyday struggles of being a Carer full time. I can think of no reason you would regret your decision.


Thank you for reading, and please, if you use subliminal audios, would you please share what you use them for and how they are working for you in my comments below. Or just drop by and say hi.


Warm Wishes



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