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Mind Matters

What Is Mindfulness For?

Miracle Mindfulness - Straightens a stiff neck

  What is mindfulness for, did I hear you ask? I’m glad you did. You have perhaps heard about it, but have been wondering what it actually is. Do you suffer from over-thinkingitis? Are you unable to quiet your mind enough to even lapse into sleep, let alone a peaceful one? Can I recommend a […]

Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life

If only you could change your thoughts to change your life! Ever have those kinds of days when everything gets on top of you and you can’t get things done? I certainly have these past 6 weeks or so. Well you can change things, it’s all just a matter of perspective. It’s currently the holidays […]

Smile! It Will Change Your Mood

smile on your face

Recently I learned a valuable lesson about what it means to just simply “smile”. At an Education For Life seminar I was given some very important information. I will remember this piece of advice forever. It was so simple, yet so very effective, and is in fact something I have always strived to do naturally. […]

How To Be Happy With Life – For Your Own Sanity!

Be Happy; Not sad or frowning

Hi my friends. Today I want to talk about a way of how to be happy with life. Do you ever wish you could just say life is good because I am happy? Sometimes we need a little reminder about the importance of happiness. It can create such a great, light feeling within ourselves, not […]

My Miracle Mindfulness Technique

Have you caught yourself just thinking and thinking and not being able to still your mind, wondering is there a miracle mindfulness cure that will magically take away the roller coaster of your mind and place you into a peaceful sleep?   Me Too!   Well, like you, I have too! It seems a carer’s […]

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