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Whole Tones Healing Music: Michael Tyrrell – Carers Finding It Useful.


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Is This You?

Do you have days like this chicken? Whole tones healing music, Michael Tyrell style, may put the umph back into your day. If you are like me, you are on the look out for anything you can get your hands on that will foster stress relief and healing, especially emotional healing.


Carers / Caregivers Take Note!


If you are a carer/caregiver or just need to get some sleep or take time out from the stresses of everyday life, I urge you to read this article. While I have written articles before about music therapy and subliminal meditation types of music and sounds, whole tones and frequency music is different yet again.


Do Yourself A Favour – The Next Time Someone Offers You A Potential Solution, Write It Down For Later Reference – Even If The Idea Seems A Little Left Field.


I had no idea who he was but someone told me of a guy called Mike (Michael) Tyrrell. I wrote the name down for future reference and made a note that they mentioned the words ‘balancing frequency,’ disease, essential oils and music and spoke of something called ‘whole tones‘. I put it in my notes on my phone where I keep all of my tidbits of information and ideas for blogs etc. to get back to at a more appropriate time, then promptly forgot about it. You all do it right? This was my first exposure to it.

Life Has A Knack Of Guiding You Where To Be


I had already become interested a few years ago in essential oils and their role in promoting, maintaining and supporting health. At a lecture a few months ago I discovered that essential oils have a frequency and that the human body in a diseased state has a lowered frequency than that of a healthy body.

I heard how essential oils can raise the frequency of the human body and how once upon a time music was played in a different frequency, one more harmonious with the human body. Somehow over time it was changed to a lower frequency creating discord in the body. It was strange hearing all of these things together and interesting how it was similar to the other discussion I mentioned.

The Third Time I Listened



The Cat Looks Very Calm and Relaxed Here.

It took still one more mention in a completely different set of circumstances to yet again be reminded of that note I had forgotten about. I found myself being directed back to the note and decided to check it out.


I Tried It!


Being very interested by now in the concept of using frequencies in healing, I decided to buy it and give it a trial run. I do healing work with Reiki and some other modalities and would like to incorporate this music in my client’s sessions, and also with my resistant daughter, whom I care for, eventually.


Have You Ever Heard A Song Played In The Frequency Of 528Hz?



I Say Give Peace A Chance. You May Be Surprised.


Chances are you have. John Lennon’s most renowned song, was Imagine. But did you know that it was played in the frequency of 528Hz? Why is that important? It is because 528Hz is considered to be part of the ancient Solfeggio musical scale thought to be connected with Gregorian healing practices and chants. According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, 528Hz is associated with pure love, which is not surprising, considering the song Imagine was meant to represent peace, love and unity in the world.


Doctor Horowitz Had An Inkling


Dr Horowitz wrote a book on 528Hz that was re-titled at some time as ‘The Frequency That Killed John Lennon’, proposing that Lennon’s advocating for world peace would affect the prosperous war commerce. The conspiracy theory was that it lead to his ‘execution’. Dr Horowitz has a simple plan to bring about world peace by re-tuning western music in particular to 528Hz, the frequency of love.

What a great notion. What if this truly could be achieved? “Imagine all the people, living life in peace”….”And the world will live as one”. What would this world look like if that could truly happen? I believe we can achieve this, if more and more people simply poured love back into the world, and just maybe with the help of music played in 528Hz, we can do it even faster.


What Do John Lennon, Dr Horowitz And Michael Tyrrell Have In Common?


They all believe that playing music in particular frequencies different to what is currently played in the world today will ultimately lead to world love and healing. I believe it is worth trying, regardless of how unusual or different it seems. If it means bringing some kind of balance and a peaceful world to live in. That may mean beginning this journey in our own homes and lives before we can hope to bring to the entire world.

But if everyone just did something to keep themselves calm and at peace, it would be natural to assume this would progress would make a huge positive impact on this planet. Micheal Tyrrell has an interesting story. It is definitely worth a read if you can look past the many Christian references and supposed healing properties promoted by the company.


Emotional Healing And Stress Relief Are Possible


I’m not disputing any claims made, it’s just that I am only speaking of this product from the perspective of those people who are here seeking emotional healing, stress relief, and of finding a calm and peaceful center rather than the added physical healing potential suggested. If that ends up being the result for you, then it’s an added and no doubt very welcome bonus. I believe in holistic healing so I believe in the possibility that by healing your emotional self, your physical self-healing will follow.




Being spiritual rather than religious I prefer not to put any religious connotations on my messages to you which is why I warn you that there are Christian references contained in the information about whole tones healing music. Otherwise if you are not of a Christian belief system you may ignore my recommendations to try this music and never reap the potential benefits. I can’t really attest to the physical attributes of listening to whole tones healing music, but I certainly can share what I have found so far with my experimental phase of listening to the music.


So, Does Whole Tones Healing Music Work?


Whole tones healing music Michael Tyrell

If You Don’t Look After Yourself, Who Will?

Yes. I give whole tones healing music Michael Tyrell, a big thumbs up for bringing about a sense of calm and peace into my very chaotic world. I play the songs regularly in the daytime in the background whatever I am doing if it doesn’t involve concentration.


I Play Them Regularly


I play them as I sit down to work at my computer, reading a book because they do not distract you from concentrating, every night as I am going to bed. I rarely get past the first song. They are so relaxing and peaceful that I find myself feeling calm and I not only get to sleep more quickly, I also get a better night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation, goes hand in hand with being a Carer but I am satisfied that this music will definitely help you in these areas.

I have found that even when I am not listening to them, I can still maintain my sense of calm and be at peace and ready to face the day again for quite some time afterwards, or I can find it quickly again. On occasion I have even been known to fall asleep sitting at my computer if I am extremely tired. So how can I see it being of benefit to you? I believe it will possibly help you in the following ways as this is how it has helped me:


  • Peace
  • Calm
  • Relaxation
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Regular and deeper breathing
  • Lifting Mood
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced nightmares
  • Possible reduction of high blood pressure. I suffer with high blood pressure and have noted a dramatic difference in the way I feel after listening. The effects seems to be lasting.
  • Better settling time to get children to sleep and less tossing and turning from them. I am speaking here of my own granddaughter.

You DO Have A Choice, Which Path Will You Take?



Which Direction? The Path to Stress Or A Solution?

I’d like to also add in a comment from my 6 year old granddaughter.

She has had a rough life living with a mother who suffers from CPTSD and has experienced grief and loss in her short little life already.

As a result she finds it hard to get to sleep as well, suffering anxiety and nightmares. When I look for things to help me, I also have her in mind as well.


Big Words From A 6 Year Old


She said to me just the other day “Nanny, I think you should tell people it really works. I like it a lot.” I asked her how it makes her feel and she said relaxed and sleepy. Yes, my 6 year old granddaughter uses such words. Just today, after waking up from a much-needed nap, she said “its really powerful isn’t it Nanny?”.  As the end of the school year draws near here in Australia and the younger children are all starting to show signs of wearing down, whole tones healing music may help your children get to the end of the year.


Carers Loft is about suggesting ideas, solutions, strategies and resources to help you deal with your stresses and I hope that if you choose to try any of them, you will consider this one. Make sure you come back and leave a comment if you do, so that others may hear of the benefits you are experiencing.



Thanks for reading


Warm Regards



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