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How To Be Happy With Life – For Your Own Sanity!

how to be happy with life

Happy Cat

Hi my friends. Today I want to talk about a way of how to be happy with life. Do you ever wish you could just say life is good because I am happy?

Sometimes we need a little reminder about the importance of happiness. It can create such a great, light feeling within ourselves, not to mention makes us smile too.

If we smile, we send a ripple of other smiles everywhere we go. It’s quite infectious. Have you ever noticed that when you smile, the people you encounter smile with you?


One Smile Makes A Difference To Many


Be Happy; your heart will love you, how-to-be-happy-with-life

Your Heart Shows Through In A Smile

Your one smile has the power to change many people’s experience for that one day? You carry it wherever you go and spread it around without asking anything in return.

Just being happy keeps you smiling for a long time.When you smile over a long period of time, you touch the lives of many other people.


What Can Your Smile Do Today?


With your smile you just changed the way the shop assistant, who had just been abused by an impatient customer, felt about being at work. The pedestrian you passed in the street who had just had an argument with a work colleague suddenly feels a whole lot better and has a new spring in their step. The frazzled young mum who has just dropped off her ragamuffin children late to school got in her car and drove away singing to the radio because you smiled at her.

The telemarketer afraid of calling one more angry lead in the middle of dinner, continued on with confidence to their next call after your rejection, because they could hear the smile in your voice as you politely declined. The sad looking young man sitting on the bench as you were walking your dog and smiled at him, got up and walked home to his family instead of following through with the suicidal thoughts he was having. See? To think little old you, and one little smile could make such a difference.


How Guilty Are You?



Are You Guilty Of Frowning?

How many times do you catch yourself with a frown or scowl on your face instead of that warm, glowing smile you forget to place there? I know I am guilty of it. Especially during my carer role.

There are many times a day when it seems nigh on impossible to raise a smile. Something nearly always happens to wipe that smile, even if you started the day happy.


What Wipes The Smile From Your Face?


You get to work and the workload is piled high, or you start driving and there’s road rage going on all over the place, or go to a shop somewhere and get terrible service, the postman delivers a much waited for item and you find out there’s been an error and they sent the wrong item.

If you’re a carer, the person you care for makes unreasonable demands of you, whingeing and bitching about everything you are doing. Saying it’s wrong, even if it’s right, and demands you do it their way.

What do you do? It’s automatic. You end up frowning, scowling, crying, angry, and suddenly your whole day has been ruined. Then what happens? You end up spreading the same discord around as those people who have ruined your day and you ruin other people’s days too.


So How Do I Go From Being A Sad Sap To Being Happy?


be happy

Good eggs are happy eggs – Be Happy!

Sometimes all it takes is something to make you smile and voila, your day is fixed and refreshed again, at least for a little while. Humour is always a good option to start with.

Find some jokes, a funny story or video, or watch a short comedy. You can take time out to do something you enjoy, such as reading a few pages of a book you can lose yourself in. You can find some inspirational images or quotes to try to lift your spirit. Or you can do something I have found helpful too and that is to find a song that gets your head bopping along to the music.


Here’s One Of Mine


There is one song that took time to grow on me but I really quite enjoy it now. It seems to be able to get my head moving and a slow smile starts to spread across my face. I don’t really know why this song does this to me. What is it about this song that makes me feel lighter, happier, ready to face the rest of the day? It may have something to do with the fact that this particular film clip is a Star Wars version and I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but even when I just hear the song on it’s own, I want to do a little dance and be happy.


Warning! It WILL Replay!


A word of warning though, it does get in your head and plays on replay. I feel gratitude as a result and that really means something to me considering the word on the street, or in self-healing circles is that the key to happiness is to find and celebrate gratitude every day, more on that in another blog, and happiness will follow.

So this is one of my tools for how to be happy with life, and I’m sure there will be plenty of things for you to use once you start thinking about it. Start finding tools for yourself to use and keep them somewhere that you can easily access them. It will do wonders in keeping your sanity when times get a little tough.

Just Be Happy!





Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading this and got a smile by watching and listening to this clip. Let me know if it works for you by leaving a comment. If you have any suggestions for my readers, please drop them into the comments section on this page.


Thank you




Video Happy (We Are From Tatooine) by SW Fans Tunisia from YouTube

Happy Cat image shared under the following license

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