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What African Drum To Buy? Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13 Inch Natural Review

Djembe, what african drum to buy, Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13 inch Natural

African Drum – Also known as a Djembe

After using one in a music therapy session in a Carer support group, I found myself suddenly wondering what African drum to buy for use at home as one of my stress relief tools in my self care kit. I really enjoyed playing the particular one that our therapist brought and decided to go searching for it.


African Drum Or Djembe?


It helped that I learned in the meantime that the African drum is usually known as a Djembe, which roughly translates to “everyone gather together in peace”. It appears this drum was destined for me, the purpose of this drum is exactly what I need. In my life as a Carer, peace is certainly something that I have very little of and strive to find.

Something else that resonated with me as I researched the Djembe is that some say that a skilled drummer can make it talk, tell an emotional story. When I heard this, if you read my article about using drum therapy, we were doing just that, releasing pent up emotions, telling our emotional stories.


I Found It!


I found the correct djembe and wanted to share it with you too, in the hopes that you may have a similar experience. I’m not a musician but if you are here reading this and are looking for information from that perspective, I have researched the instrument from both the angle of the product specifications, and also from reviews by actual musicians in terms of performance as well. I didn’t want to give an amateur review when this is a professional instrument even though I use it for therapy.

While it may be a little expensive for just a therapy tool, I firmly believe you should still buy a good quality one because you may just decided to take lessons down the track and will need a proper one, rather than a cheap knock-off product to get a good sound from it.


Product Title: Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13 inch Natural


Price: $434.90 AUD which would be around $339.00 USD with current exchange rates as of writing this article. Google AUD to USD for a current conversion if the site hasn’t recognised what country you reside in.


Rating: This product has a 5 star rating out of 5 from other reviews, and I give it a 5 as well


Recommended: Highly recommended, a must!


Product Description/Specifications:

  • Hand carved hardwood shell
  • 13 inch diameter
  • Custom fit ring
  • No-stretch imported rope
  • Fine African goatskin head


Dimensions: 23 &1/4″ tall, 13″ across, 16.6 lbs in weight. Skin is thin to medium thickness.


Product Merits:


  • Arrives already professionally tuned, ready to play
  • Great sound, authentic, professional, powerful and commanding sound (no annoying ring), superior with a really big boom
  • Huge tone – low and high tones are very resonant, very clear tone
  • Loud, the base, tone and slap are very distinctive, huge base, slaps are piercing
  • Responsive
  • Versatile
  • Sensitive
  • Wood is 5/8″ thick at the base
  • Excellent quality and workmanship, with attention to detail
  • Tight ropes
  • Well crafted, looks good
  • Made from Lenke, one of the most highly prized and best sounding wood
  • Easy to play
  • Great goat skin head
  • Shell is well oiled
  • Rope colors are bright and coordinated
  • Would expect to pay a lot more for something of this quality
  • Beneficial in music therapy, relaxation, work off some excessive energy
  • Great for kids too
  • Can just drum on it for release of emotions
  • No need to ‘know’ how to play it to use if for therapy, just bang on that drum
  • Options to learn to play properly by joining a local djembe team
  • Take it to a nice peaceful place away from the grind of suburbia and play to your hearts content. E.g. The beach. On the Gold Coast here in Australia, there are groups of people who gather together to play on the beach front.

Product Drawbacks:


  • May be too heavy for some, although it does need to be a bit heavy
  • May be too large for some people of shorter stature, but if you lean it forward, the problem is no longer there
  • Rope is a bit thin, but is easily replaced


Additional Information If You Wish To Know More Of The Specifics



  • World renowned drum
  • Among the best African drums in the USA
  • Topnotch quality
  • Professionally tuned
  • Authentic
  • Constantly rated with 5 stars out of 5


Value For Money: Excellent value. It’s like paying an imitation price, but getting the real thing. Worth every penny!


Condition of Product on Arrival:

  • New condition
  • No dents, chips or scratches
  • No blemishes or weak spots on the skin
  • Well packaged
  • Product met the description on the website


Suggested Accompaniments:

  • Overseas-Connection-Mali-Djembe-13-Inch-Natural-Review

    He’s playing a different drum, but look how happy he is.

    Jazz clubs

  • School bands
  • Small venues
  • Soundtracks
  • Drum circles
  • Circle leading
  • Practice drumming
  • Music therapy sessions



  • Yes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Return within 45 days of receipt for full money back guarantee
  • Drum repair service for the life of the drum for a nominal charge


Shipping & Delivery:

  • Worldwide
  • Fast
  • Free shipping in the US.
  • Orders are verified then shipped within 24 hours
  • Expected delivery 6-10 business days, with international taking a little longer
  • Express options available
  • Order tracking available


Payment Options:

  • Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, JCB and American Express, more options coming soon
  • 60 global currencies supported with more on the way
  • Website capable of noting what country you are visiting the site from and automatically adjusts the price to your currency


An Example of Traditional African Drumming



I included the above video to give you an idea of the wonderful sounds of Africa with these differing drumming styles. Enjoy.


Brand: Overseas Connection


Drum Style: African drum or Djembe, hand drum


Class of Instrument: Percussion


Drumsticks Required? None needed. Bare hands are used


Suggested Accessories: Strap, Carry case


Originated: In West Africa




Website Navigation: Very easy to navigate


Other Musical Products: Wide variety of other instruments, accessories, etc


FAQs: Easily accessible on the website


This Is How I’d Like To Play The Djembe



I thought I’d end on this wonderful school using traditional djembe and music. It sounds amazing. If you haven’t heard the sound of a djembe, then this video is a great introduction to what’s possible. I’m sure you will have a hard time not dancing in your seat to the rhythm.

If you are considering what African drum to buy, then I highly recommend you check out this Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13 inch Natural. It is a fantastic tool to ease stress and I have used it myself. I love the way it makes me feel, how I can get my whole body into it. There’s a lot of stress in the world, why not burn some of that primal energy off and get into drumming?


Thank you for reading. Please, if you have used Djembes before, let me know how well it works for you. I would love your feedback. Others will want to hear it too.


Warm Wishes


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