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A Carer’s Finances Are Often a Disaster- How To Increase Your Income From Home

How to increase your income from home

Empty Pockets?

How to increase your income from home is not as far into the dreamscape as you may think. As a Carer I am quite limited in my ability to earn an income and as such, my finances have been known to be a disaster from time to time. How do you fair in the finances department? Have you also been wondering how you can improve your income whilst working from home?


I Am Open To New Opportunities And Ideas


Something I absolutely hate is relying on welfare, but life doesn’t always fit with what I like and dislike. I’m always looking for ways to help my situation and am open to opportunities that may come my way. I’ve been burnt once or twice by a scam and don’t delve too heavily into something unless I believe the scam factor has been removed. Working from home, at my own pace and being taught step by step what to do, I feel very relaxed about suggesting an opportunity for you to look into.


The Carer Role Is Unpredictable


I find my role is so time consuming, or so sporadic that I am not able to work in any capacity in mainstream employment. Yet employment, at least the ability to earn my own money, is what I would prefer and have always preferred. Seems my lot in life seems to be being stuck at home, I decided to find out how I could work from home. Starting out earning a few extra dollars would help, but turning it into a full time income stream is the goal.

What To Do About It?


Here is one possibility, and that is to earn additional income through blogging. In this particular case I am suggesting you take a look at affiliate marketing. This is the Carer’s dream, do the work when you can, have your business open all hours, and earn while you sleep. There are unlimited options, you can pick and choose when you work and how you earn that money.

This is the perfect solution. The great thing is that you don’t need to own any physical products, or have any in stock on hand. You may like to enhance your blog by writing your own eBook or developing your own product, but it is not actually required. It’s probably the easiest way to start a business without knowing anything or needing a product or service.


I’m Interested – But Where Do I Find Products or Services?


Products to recommend can be found through places like Amazon, or through affiliate programs such as Clickbank, Share a Sale or CJ Affiliate, to name a few. Many single products also have an affiliate program. You can do a search in Google for affiliate programs to give you an idea of what is out there. Affiliate marketing is also known as Niche marketing, where a larger topic is narrowed down into smaller areas of interest to specific people searching for particular items, products, services or information.


From A Passion to Your Pockets


I do propose you consider using a passion you already have as a starting point to gain an idea of what you might like to write about, and that will keep you interested in what you are doing and help you remain focused. It also helps you with products to recommend because you find you are already using many of them and can write an honest article about them.



Ideas for a Niche


For myself, I write a blog about being a carer, one about starting sustainable living, which is something I really hope to become a way of life for me, and my passion, which is Star Wars. I am also in the process of building a website for my business doing Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Reiki, and Essential Oils, but I keep getting caught up and I’m not fully open for business yet with that one.

Many people are of the belief that you have to be a good writer to blog, but let me reassure you that is also not a prerequisite. There are many successful bloggers out there who don’t write all that well but because they provide good content, have a lot of knowledge about an area of passion, interest or employment, or offer a great service, they are still very successful.

Don’t Do It The Hard Way Like I Did



Don’t get lost in a pile of books

Don’t try to do it all alone. I made the mistake of trying to do it all myself. When I first became interested in affiliate marketing, I was trying to find all the information I could without spending much of my meager income, because I had very little to spare. I searched for eBooks and courses and the like, but found nothing seemed to gel together perfectly, there were always missing pieces.


Not Enough Pieces Of The Puzzle


I found it ended up costing more because I had these tiny pieces of the puzzle and I still did not have the picture to follow to correctly put the pieces together. I’d researched the concept of affiliate marketing, but had absolutely no clue what to do from there. None of the information I found explained in any great detail exactly how to be an affiliate marketer. I was left feeling quite disheartened, lost and totally confused by terminology. Here I was, I had a great plan to increase my income, a dream to write, and no idea how to go about it, and had wasted a few years in attempting to try it on my own.


To Buy Or Not To Buy, Or Simply To Just Get Started?


My finances were not in a fit state to pay for any of the high end courses on offer, and free things either came with a catch or left you with no training of value or at least only partial training. It was obvious what I would have to do and I had to accept that I would require a lot of support, and it was imperative that it be low cost or free.

I needed help with building a website, but when I looked at the books, it seemed that I needed to learn to write html code. Looking at books for that made me feel like giving up. I even tried to start a free WordPress blog, but was so much of a newbie, that I didn’t know how to build it. Imagine how embarrassed I was to hear people telling me how easy it was to get started and get up and running. Fail, fail, fail. That’s all I kept telling myself.


Success At Last


Thoroughly discouraged, I came across Wealthy Affiliate, a company unlike many of the big name gurus out there. It was a place where I could open a free account, build 2 free websites with them, they will host the sites for you, and even teach you how to do it all. Free. So I thought to myself, I will give it a go and lo and behold, here I am telling you about it.


Training, Support, Community, What More Do You Need?


It is not just a training centre, or university so to speak, it is an entire community of people doing the same thing you are, but are willing to help you to do it too. They also have a paid option, which is very reasonable and my personal choice for access to everything they provide. With the free option, you get access to the entire site for 7 days to see how you like it, and then revert back to the free access if you choose to remain with the free training option.



I hope this has sparked some ideas for you about how you can improve your financial situation, because if you, like me, are relying on purely welfare, there has to be a way out. If you find yourself asking the question of how to increase your income from home, take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. What have you got to lose except a little bit of time to check it out?


Thanks for allowing me to share ideas with you,



Get 2 Free Websites and All The Training You Will Ever Need Here

Get 2 Free Websites and All The Training You Will Ever Need Here


PS. If you are looking into this as an option, you will need a good keyword tool. I recommend Jaaxy. If you decide to open a free Wealthy Affiliate account click on the link below and open your free Jaaxy account together. It will save you time later.


Sign Up For Your Free Jaaxy Account Here

Sign Up For Your Free Jaaxy Account Here




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