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My Journey My Mission As A Carer

Image courtesy of an unknown source possibly little Buddha dot com

Image courtesy of an unknown source possibly little Buddha dot com

Through the eyes of a Carer you will come to understand that Childhood Leukaemia and all of the heartache and obstacles endured through it, does not end with the child entering remission but that there are many other potential problems originating from it.

There may be long term impacts in terms of Mental Illness, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Adult ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) among others. Please come with me and be guided through our battles to overcome struggle and live in hope again. You Are Not Alone!

It’s Too Late, The Damage Is Done

It is only now that we are beginning to realise the full extent of the damage that was caused my daughter at such a young age through her Leukaemia, and are at last beginning the long journey back to recovery. In hindsight, if only we had a proper diagnosis in her early years considering the problems that later arose I expect much of what we have since endured might have been avoided. We would have been pre-armed with the tools to combat it from the beginning. I must also acknowledge that our situation was complicated by other factors that detrimentally added in to the fold, but in knowing this, if you find yourself facing any one of these, you may see a little light being shined so you can be forewarned and forearmed.

But Wait, There’s More. Much More!

Many topics being discussed are beneficial to anyone in a Carer role, or a person being cared for, and also anyone who is seeking to change their lives for the better in small, permanent ways. I do believe some of the thoughts and ideas presented here on this site will also be of help to those people who may be simply hoping to just find a way to move forward.

Why Call It A Loft?

Carers Loft

Barn Loft

So how did this all begin? I’ve wanted to write for quite some time now. I think it was about two years ago that I first considered entering the world of blogging. I came up with the term ‘Loft’ to give this site a sense of it being a place to retreat to in order to think and take a break, or a place where friends might hang out together. I thought I might call it Carers Haven at first, but I felt Haven was too strong a word and might give the impression that I had all the answers. The simple fact is, I don’t and I won’t ever claim to.

I am still on this journey but I do hope to be able to give you some hope and ideas. You are all on your own individual journey, from wading through the quagmire, to a stage of reclaiming your life, recovery, or just trying to find your way to move forward from the place you are in right now. There is hope, and I would like to help you find it too.

Self Expression Leads To Healing

Notebook and Quill For Writing

Notebook and Quill For Writing

I would like this to be a place for me to express myself in various ways so that I may further my own healing. Perhaps you might choose to do the same. It is my desire for it also to be a place to discuss the problems we, as a family, have faced, any diagnosis or non-diagnosis, the effects it has had on us, conclusions we have drawn, insights, hopes, goals, experiences good and bad, tools, resources, healing ideas, expressions of feelings, successes with things, plus some general chit chat to lighten things up a little.


I Was Stubborn Trying To Do It All Myself. My Word of Advice? Don’t!!!!!!

I would like to end this article by urging you to never feel that you shouldn’t ask for help. I have been that person, due to having to deal with it all alone because we had no diagnosis, but I wish now I had asked for help sooner and not tried to do it all on my own. I have been very isolated because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of my daughter’s condition, but I am reaching out now to plead with you to ask for help so that you do not have to endure a life of isolation.

Until next time, Thank you for reading and may joy and peace find you every day.



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2 thoughts on “Carers Loft

  • Good afternoon Angela,

    The relationships in our life are all there with a meaning. It is not always easy to understand the why’s and how’s only with time we will be able to fully understand.
    To be a carer is very difficult, especially if it is a person whom you love. But one should not give up, there is hope for at least improvement of a difficult condition.
    To ask for help is always good as like that you give other people the possibility to help which is something on their life path.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Ange says:

      Thank you Taetske
      It’s funny, I remember when my daughter was sick and I would hold it all together and answer their questions about how she was doing. But as soon as someone asked me how I was doing, tears would well up in my eyes that someone cared. It’s the same now when you say that being a carer is very difficult. Thank you for recognising that. At times I have lost almost all hope, but then there have been times when hope has filled me up so much. There are also times where I have found a tool or resource that has helped me get through some of the tough times and I want to help other people find those tools too. If I can help other Carers with my blogging and suggestions, it makes me feel like I am contributing something valuable to the world and I can feel valuable myself, rather than not being able to contribute in a normal job situation due to being stuck at home. Thank you for connecting and commenting on my blog.
      Warm Wishes

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